11067124_10153097658383381_6166707135505486813_nAlan Yu, Ph.D., is an American leadership development specialist, consultant, visionary, curator of the possible, and concerned global citizen based out of Southeast Asia. He thrives in enabling individuals and communities to come together to unleash new imaginative possibilities addressing commonly held concerns. He deeply believes in the power of collective wisdom and how it can be revealed through meaningful conversation, art, rituals, and ceremonies of different cultures and harnessed through the generation of actionable knowledge and solidarity. As a founder and executive director of Wirausaha Bali (wubali.org), Dr. Yu develops educational experiences emphasizing leadership, intercultural dialogue, and service learning for both international visitors and the local community in order to raise global awareness of West Bali and empower collaboration within the local community and between the local and global communities. He works to get local and international nonprofits and for-profit enterprises involved in generating economic opportunity in West Bali and protecting and preserving the environment and Balinese culture.

Dr. Yu also has five years of experience developing and teaching leadership, creativity, and the arts to masters and doctoral students of leadership studies at University of San Diego. He has worked with artists in various disciplines such as filmmaking, taiko drumming, coaching, and painting to offer special presentations to help students better understand the process of creativity and its applicability to leadership. Together with his mentor Dr. Rose Linda Martinez, he developed Images of Greatness: A Theatrical Tribute to Leadership and the Creative Genius at University of San Diego, a theatrical performance where graduate students selected eminent individuals to portray, dressed up as their individual, and performed self-written monologues that communicate the artist’s creativity and leadership to a live audience. Dr. Yu also co-designed and developed an arts and leadership course in Bali with Dr. Martinez attended by students from University of San Diego.

Dr. Yu earned his doctorate in Leadership Studies in 2015 from University of San Diego’s School of Leadership & Education Sciences, where he concentrated his studies in adult learning and leadership education. His dissertation is entitled On Moral Imagination & Indigenous Wisdom: How Leaders Approach Moral-Ethical Tension in Post-Modern Bali. Prior to becoming a leadership consultant, he was a professional graphic designer. Dr. Yu speaks six languages—English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, and French—and is currently studying Indonesian during his free time in the evenings.

Dr. Yu is a member of the International Leadership Association and regularly presents on arts-based pedagogies in leadership education as well as a member of the World Café Community.


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